Humly Room Display - Safety Instructions

Read these safety instructions before you use the product. This Unit complies with all the relevant safety requirements for IT equipment. It should not be used or stored in a location where the surrounding temperature is higher than 40°C or below 10°C. 

Keep these safety instructions and other documentation for future use. 

WARNING! Correct assembly, fitting and installation is of the utmost importance. This is not covered by Humly AB’s undertakings. Incorrect fitting and/or installation may result in personal injury or loss. Humly AB disclaims all liability, of whatever kind, if the product is assembled, fitted and/or installed in an incorrect manner. For safety reasons, no screws for attachment to walls are included since the characteristics of walls and their load-bearing capacity may vary. The assistance of a specialist or dealer may be required, if necessary, for appropriate fixtures for the wall concerned. 

WARNING! Opening or removing covers and servicing of the product may only be carried out by an authorized specialist. Unauthorized opening and unprofessional repair operations may result in serious risks for the user (risk of electrical shocks, fire hazards and other electrical risks). 

WARNING! Do not use the product if the outer casing is damaged. 

WARNING! Do not use defective/damaged cables. A defective cable may result in electrical shocks or fire hazards. 

WARNING! The product run on 48V Power over Ethernet (PoE) PD Classification 0, providing the PoE is compliant with IEC60950-1 Clause 2.5 Limited Power Sources (LPS). The product can also be powered by a 12V power adapter (sold separately). Adapter should not be connected at the same time as PoE.

WARNING! The product and/or the DC adapter must not be covered when it is in operation.

WARNING! Do not insert any foreign object into the product.

WARNING! In emergencies (e.g. damaged casing or cables, penetration of liquid or foreign matter), remove the DC connector and/or the POE cable immediately.

WARNING! The product may only be used in an indoor environment. 

WARNING! Clean with a damp cloth. Do not use any detergent, alcohol or other chemical on any surface of the device.                   

WARNING! Humly AB disclaims all liabilities, of any kind, if the product is used in a manner other than specified in the user manual.