All new Humly-branded Hardware products carry a 24 months limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. 

The Humly limited warranty covers Humly-branded hardware products only. It does not cover Software, Services, or third parties products and/or services.

Purchaser shall not be entitled to make any claim against Humly in respect of the breach of the Humly limited warranty unless the claim is made within 2 months of discovering or learning of the defect. 

Humly shall not accept any liability for loss of data caused by warranty service. 

The sole warranty, if any, for Humly Software shall be as set forth in the software license agreement or documentation that accompanies each Humly Software. 


All third-party products (including non-Humly branded products contained in product bundles or promotions) and services are sold “as is” and without warranty from Humly but may be accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty, as provided in any documentation or license agreements that accompanies such products and/or services. 


The above warranties do not apply to: 

  • damage caused by alteration, repair, adjustment or installation by someone other than Humly
  • damage caused due to accident, misuse or abuse
  • damage caused due to Humly’s compliance with Customer’s written instructions
  • damage caused due to normal wear and tear
  • damage caused due to use of parts and components not supplied or intended for use with the Products, or
  • products, software or services made, created or performed by a party other than Humly.

Humly makes no other warranty to Customer, either express or implied, with respect to Products and Services, to the fullest extent permitted by law, and Humly specifically disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, as well as any statutory warranty on hidden defects. 

Warranty starts from the invoice date. (dealers invoice to end customer)


Humly shall either repair or replace the Hardware that does not comply with the Hardware Warranty. Humly may use new or reconditioned goods and components in line with industry standards.

Where Hardware is replaced, Customer shall return it to Humly or else Customer shall pay Humly the applicable prices for the replacement Hardware which shall be invoiced by Humly. 

Humly shall re-perform those Services which do not comply with the Services Warranty.