Accounts and users in HCP

This support article explains different accounts and account types used in the Humly Control Panel, HCP. 



Please note! 
Humly Control Panel and your own booking system are using separate user databases. 

  • Regarding accounts it is a common misunderstanding that the booking system service account and the HCP admin account are the same account. But they are not, even though they have the same username/email address. The credentials for logging into the Humly Control Panel will be different from the service account credentials.


Accounts in the booking system

Accounts/users in the booking system are created, maintained and edited in the booking system admin interface e.g. Nexudus, Office 365, Google Workspace etc. These accounts need to be created in the booking system first. When the accounts are created it can be entered and connected to the Humly Control Panel. To learn more about how to do this in your booking system, visit the support guides regarding Booking System Preparation


Service account

The Service account is used by Humly Control Panel to connect to the booking system. This Service account handles the communication between Humly Control Panel and the booking system. Humly Control Panel will not function if there is a problem with the Service account. If the service account password is changed or reset in the booking system you have to update it in the global settings in HCP as well. Note that if the service account password is changed it does not affect the login password to the Humly Control Panel.     


User types in Humly Control Panel

Global Admin

The global admin can administer and configure the entire Humly Control Panel and Humly Room Display. The first global admin account is usually created during the basic configuration of HCP, sharing the username (email address) with the service account. 

To avoid being accidentally locked out it is recommended to have more than one global admin account in HCP. 

Local Admin

An admin account in Humly Control Panel which can be limited to administer a subset of rooms.

Statistics User

A user that can view and export statistics data in Humly Control Panel. 


Can use the booking system. 


If a users email does not exist in the booking system backend, user can only be added as a guest to use the Humly Room/Desk Booking. 


PINS and Password

When a user is created an email is sent to the users mail with username, password and PIN. This is the credentials needed to use HCP, Humly Room Display or Humly Room/Desk Booking. The user can later change the password under My profile.  

Passwords are used to log on to Humly Control Panel or Humly Room/Desk Booking. The PIN is only used for identification/verification on the Humly Room Display. PINs cannot be used to log on to Humly Control Panel or Humly Room/Desk Booking.