Architectural overview

The Humly Control Panel, HCP, is the server which manages the Humly Room Display, HRD, devices that are installed outside meeting rooms. Through HCP you can connect the HRDs to your booking system, such as Microsoft 365 or an Exchange server. You can also enable synchronization between the HRD device and the mailbox which are connected to the meeting room in the booking system.

Humly Control Panel can be installed as a service in the company network, on-premises or in the cloud. This enables several features like user management, statistics and remote management of the Humly Room Display devices.


  • The Humly Server communicates with Humly Room Displays via HTTPS over a configurable port (default 3002).
  • The Humly Control Panel web application communicates with the Humly Server using a configurable HTTP port during initial setup to configure SSL certificates. After SSL has been configured all communication uses HTTPS on the port configured during initial setup (default port 3002).
  • The Humly Server communicates with the booking system via either HTTP (80) or HTTPS (443).
  • The system uses configurable NTP servers using UDP over port 123 to synchronize time and date.
  • The system will connect to Humly Cloud using HTTPS over port 443 to validate and renew licenses and provide maintenance services like updates and error logging.
  • Other devices and integrations can be allowed to communicate with the Humly Server over HTTPS using the same port that has been configured for the Humly Room Display (default 3002).
System requirements
  • Windows Server 2016 64 bit or later versions, Ubuntu Server 16.0.4 LTS 64 bit or later LTS versions.
  • On-premise or cloud based, with minimum 2 Cores, 4GB of RAM, 40 GB storage.
  • Static IP Address for the Humly Control Panel.
  • Accessible ports for HTTP and HTTPS protocols, the default ports are TCP 3000 and TCP 3002.
  • Accessible booking system (e.g. Microsoft 365) over HTTPS port TCP 443.
  • Access to NTP Server over port UDP 123.
Supported Booking Systems
  • Microsoft 365
  • Exchange Server 2019
  • Exchange Server 2016
  • Google Workspace
  • Nexudus
  • Appspace

Ports Usage

Port TCP / UDP Service
3002 * TCP HTTPS - On Premise or Cloud
443 TCP HTTPS - Cloud
27017 ** TCP Mongo DB
3001 TCP SNMP for Windows
3000 *** TCP HTTP


* HCP Cloud instances can use 443 or 3002 for HTTPs, the default is 443.

** 27017 is used within the localhost and there is no need to whitelist this port on the firewall

*** 3000 is used within the localhost only, it is forwarded to 3002.

To get started with your installation move on to Step 1: Booking System Preparation