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Connect HCP to Microsoft 365

After the successful installation, HCP is ready to connect to the booking system through the wizard. Select your booking system from the drop menu and continue with the details below for each booking system.

Note! To be able to Finnish the HCP Wizard you need to have at least one resource room created and then add to Humly Control Panel in the final step. 

Select Booking System

Start by selecting Microsoft 365 from the drop down menu and click "Next". 


If you are using Humly Cloud please skip below step about internet access.

Select if you want Humly Control Panel to connect to Microsoft 365 via a direct connection or a proxy. If you have a proxy, you need to provide the URL, the port, and the credential if the proxy server requires this, then press "Next". If the connection is direct, press "Next". chcp5.png

Service Account

Fill in the Service Account email address, the Tenant / Directory ID, the Application ID and Client Secret. The information should have been noted during Office 365 Preparation. Click on Next.


On the provided Microsoft Popup login - use the service account email and password to sign in to the created application, in our example “Humly Control Panel”. 

If you are not getting a popup to login to Microsoft then its most likely that you are already logged in as a user for that webbrowser and Microsoft automaticly tries to login with that account and not the Service account. This usually results in failure because of missing Impersonation permissions for that user account.


Try using Incognito mode to make sure you login to the right account. 


Accept the requested permission for Humly Control Panel Application.chcp7-1.png

Pairing key

Enter a Pairing key, which will be used to pair the HCP and the Humly Room Display in a later stage. Please remember the Pairing key and choose a key which will be easy to enter on the HRD-device.

Click Next.


SSL setup will be skipped for cloud based Humly control panel. The connection for our cloud is already secure and does not need to be configured.

SSL Setup

Enter the https application port you would like to use (default 3002). Additionally, you can upload your own SSL/TLS certificate and then click "Next". If no certificate is uploaded, a unique auto generated self-signed certificate will be used.chcp10.png


Read and agree to the conditions of the EULA and then click Acceptchcp12.png

Humly Login Data

You will now receive the login credentials both in your wizard and in an e-mail to the service account you specified in the beginning. Take note of this information to Login to Humly Control Panel. 
Click Finish.


Once done with connecting HCP to Microsoft 365 move on to Step 4: Basic Setup for HCP - Global Settings