CSR request for Humly control panel

This article provides instructions for creating a certificate signing request using Microsoft management console. If you are utilizing a third-party certificate provider, it's advisable to refer to their particular guidelines since they may have distinct processes and prerequisites for their SSL certificates.


1. Open Microsoft management console by typing in MMC in the Start Menu. Press File and then Add/Remove Snap-ins.

2. Select Certificates and then Add.

3. Choose Computer account and press Next and Finish.

4.  Press Ok to add the snap-in.

5.  Expand Certificates (Local computer).

6. Right click on the Personal folder.

7. Choose All TasksAdvanced Operations, Create Custom Request, Next.

8. Press Next and proceed without enrollment policy.

9. Make sure that the template is CNG key and request format is in PKCS #10. Afterwards press Next.

10. Under Certificate information, open up Custom request and press Properties.

11. Provide a friendly name

12. Go to the Subject tab.

13. Under Subject name, select Common name and provide the common name value. Press Add.

14. Continue with other CSV details needed. (Country, State, etc.)

15. Go to Private Key tab and expand Key options. Select Key size 4096 and check mark the Make private key exportable.

16. Expand Select Hash Algorithm and select sha256.

17. Press Apply and then click on OK.

18. Press Next to continue the certificate request enrollment.

19. Select the file path you want to save the certificate request and make sure that the file format is Base 64.

Locate the CSR file and open it through Notepad. Copy and submit the CSR to your CA server or certificate provider.