Custom logo in Humly Room Display


To customize the look of your Humly Room Display it is now possible to upload your own logo on the display. This feature will give the product a sense of personalization while still keeping the product at peak usability. A logo image can be uploaded and displayed in the upper left corner of the HRD-device without disturbing the UI in any notable way. The uploading of a custom logo will be done in the settings in Humly Control Panel. 

It is recommend that the logotype image is uploaded with a transparent or black background. It is also recommended to use a white or grayscale image for best effect in the UI, even though a color image also will work. 

Custom logo is supported in Humly Control Panel 1.7 and late. It can be used with M365, Exchange 2010-2019, Google Workspace, Domino or Standalone as booking system.

A Humly Room Display with an added custom logo. In this case the Humly-logo.


Uploading a Custom logo in Humly Control Panel
  1. Log in to Humly Control Panel as Global Admin

  2. Go to Settings and click on the tab Global Settings

  3. Go to the section Logo image and click Browse...

  4.  Upload the image. Recommended resolution is 390 x 64 pixels with a transparent background. Sk_rmavbild_2021-10-18_kl._10.59.36.png
  5. When the image is uploaded it is visible in the settings. It is now possible to use the image on a HRD. 
    • To add the logo to an already existing room HRD go to Rooms >, Room settings >, Edit selected >, Room settings >, Logo. Enable the "Show logo on device" and select the image in the drop-down menu. Sk_rmavbild_2021-10-18_kl._11.20.16.png
    • To add the logo to all the future room import go to Settings >, Default room settings >, Logo Enable the "Show logo on device" and select the image in the drop-down menu. 
  6. Now the logo will be visible on the selected room or on all future room imports. 

You can upload more than one logo image.