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Evoko Liso connection to Humly Control Panel

It is possible to connect other devices to the Humly Control Panel to manage your rooms from there. If you have an Evoko Liso it can be connected to the Humly Control Panel via either a wired Ethernet connection or Wifi using a dynamic or static IP.
To connect a Liso to the HCP start your device and follow the steps. Once the device boots up, the logo should appear during the initial OS boot, then the configuration options will follow: 

  1. Based on your network setup, you can select between Ethernet or Wifi configuration. Connect to your prefered Wifi network and setup the IP configuration. 
  2. Now the Liso device can be connected to the Humly Control Panel, which is connected to the booking system. You can choose between different modes.  
  3. To connect to the Humly Cloud server use the customer number which is the first five digits in the Humly Cloud address: xxxxx.humly.cloud. To connect to the Humly Cloud, enter the whole string. Choose port 443. Then click on Connect and continue.

    To connect to an on prem installation fill in the IP address of the Humly Control Panel. 

  4. To register your device to the Humly Control Panel you have to start a timer to allow a new device to be registered the server.
    Go to HCP >, Settings >, Device registration.
    Enter the Pairing Key.
    - In Humly Cloud the Pairing key is mandatory. If the version of Liso is older than 2.3 the timer has to be activated. 
    - On prem it is possible to connect without a Pairing key if the registration timer is running. 


If pairing key is enabled the timer is not needed and you can use the pairing key to register the device. Please note, this will only work if the Lisos have a newer version than 2.3. Make sure to update the Lisos before it is connected to the Humly Control Panel. 

5. Click Connect and wait for the Liso to connect and load.

6. Select the room you want to connect your Liso too, you can apply filters based on the country, city or building.

7. Done! The Liso device is now connected to the Humly Control Panel and can be monitored from there. 


Do you already have a Liso connected to an on prem Evoko Home server but want to move it to the Humly Cloud? Read more: How to move Liso to Humly Cloud