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Humly Booking Device - Provisioning

This document contains the steps to connect a new Humly Booking Device to Humly Control Panel.

Device Provisioning Requirements

Device Provisioning Steps


-To be able to add resource type desk and have it activated, a resource license in Humly control panel is needed.  You will also need to enable desk booking option under global settings to be able to book these desk resources.



  1. In Humly Control Panel:
  • Assign resources to a structure.

  • From the HCP global settings, start the registration period.

  • Prepare the Global Admin user name and password. They will be needed in the next step of the provisioning software.

2.       Start the HBD device and click on Connect a device, you should see a QR code on the device.

3.   Start the provisioning application from your mobile phone, enter your cloud ID or your server URL if you are using an on-prem setup, and enter the username and password of the HCP global admin account, then click next.

4.    The provisioning screen should appear if the login to the server was done successfully, click on provision a new device.
5.   Scan the QR code on the Humly Booking Device.

You need to upload  a Humly Booking Device License to HCP to be able to connect the Humly booking device to a resource (room or desk).

6.     The structure in HCP should appear on the provisioning application like the example below.
7.    Use the structure filter and select the desired desk or resource, then click the assign button.
8.    Select the Wi-Fi network which the booking device can use to reach Humly Control Panel, enter the password, and click provision.

If the Humly booking device is connected via an ethernet cable then you can skip this WiFi configuration by pressing the skip button in the top right corner.

9.       You should see the confirmation message by the end of the process you should see the confirmation message by the end of the process.

10.      The device should appear on the HCP monitoring page, and the meeting synchronization and other functions should be ready to be used.