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Humly Control Panel Installation - Linux

HCP can be installed on Windows Server 2016 and later Microsoft Windows versions, and on Ubuntu Linux 16.0.4 LTS or later LTS versions. Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS is supported starting with HCP 1.10.

You find Humly Downloads here

Linux Installation Linux Installation Prerequisites
  • Ubuntu Linux 64 bit, 16.0.4 or 18.0.4 LTS. Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS is supported starting with Humly Control Panel 1.10
  • Static IP address is needed for the HRD devices to connect to later
  • The HCP server must be accessible and whitelisted through the firewall ports for HTTP and HTTPS, the default ports are 3000 and 3002
  • A user with sudo permission
  • Accessible booking system (e.g. Exchange/Office 365) over HTTPS port TCP 443
  • Access to NTP Server over port UDP 123
  • Access to the internet to download and install the dependent packages via apt get
Installation Steps

In this part of the guide, we will use Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS as our operating system which we connect to via SSH.

  1. It is highly recommended to update and upgrade the OS and install the basic build packages before starting the installation, use the below commands.
    sudo apt install -y build-essential
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade
  2. Download the latest Humly Control Panel version and copy the installation file to your server.
  3. Extract the installation file using tar command below.
    tar -xzf installation_v*.tar.gz
  4. A directory which matches the HCP version should now have been extracted, you can check this by running ls command.
  5. Change directory to the newly extracted directory and run the installation script.
    cd v1.* &,&, sudo bash install.sh
  6. The installation script will automatically recognize the necessary tools/prerequisites required to run Humly Control Panel. To continue and install, select Yes by typing 1 and pressing Enter. linux_installer1.png
  7. Next up is to create credentials for the Mongo database. It is the database which stores the meetings, users and Humly Control Panel settings. Set a username (e.g. humly_user) and press Enter. Then set a password (e.g humly_pass) which you repeat twice, pressing Enter in between and set the database name (e.g humly_db) then press Enter. linux_installer2.png
  8. Specify the database server address, the default is to install the database locally on the same server and the address in this case it should be the default localhost:27017
  9. Type the HTTP application port (default 3000) and press Enterimage064
  10. Set a memory limit for HCP application by typing the amount, the recommended is 4096, the recommended number will vary based on the number of HRD devices connected to the server.linux_installer4.png
  11. The application installed successfully and post installation messages should appear. linux_installer5.png
  12. You should now be able to access Humly Control Panel via a web browser on the configured HTTP application port (default 3000).
  13. You might want to remove the installation files as they are no longer needed, use the following commands.
    cd .. &,&, sudo rm -r installation_v*.tar.gz
  14. HCP is ready now for the booking system configuration.

  15. Open your web browser and go to http://localhost:3000 or http://<,server IP or FQDN>,:3000 if you are connecting from another computer.
  16. Based on your browser, you might see certificate warning as the certificate will be used now are self signed certificates. The certificates can be changed in later step if you want to use public TLS.
    Proceed to the next step by accepting the certificatechcp1.pngchcp2.png
Once done with your initial booking system preparation - move on to Step 3: Connect HCP to Booking System.