Microsoft 365 token has expired


This error usually occur when the client secret expire or the lose of M365 access token and will cause the HCP to stop communicating with the backend.


The issue is resolved by simply re-authenticating the service account to Microsoft again by pressing "Re-authenticate" under Global settings. If it doesn't work then you can see more information on what is causing this issue by pressing the “Re-Authenticate” button under Global settings or by checking the HCP logs.


Renewal of client secret.

You can find the setting for the client secret under: Azure Active Directory >, App Registrations.


Click on the application that your HCP is connected to and then certificates &, secrets.


It’s not possible to renew an expired client secret so what we must do is to remove it and make a new one.

Remove it by pressing the “delete” button.


Add a new client secret by clicking “new client secret”. Enter the description you want and set the expiry as per the policy you have.


Copy the VALUE of the newly created client secret and paste it in Global settings in HCP. Now click on Re-Authenticate.