Release notes - 1.18

Humly Control Panel

  • A local admin can now manage local desks
  • Allowed bigger backup-files for Enterprise customers
  • Corrected some smaller typos and unlcear text
  • Corrected the room name in cancellation e-mails for German
  • Fix M365 loses organizer in edge cases
  • For Humly cloud we can now add an extra Admin for example for an integrator to manage HCP after setup.
  • Improved HumlyConnect
  • Improved local admin handling in edge cases
  • Improved monitoring of devices MAC address.
  • Improved monitoring, added a copy feature for many fields
  • Move to more generic resource booking instead of just rooms or desks

Humly Room Display

  • Fixed a bug where it could look like WiFi was not connected.
  • Improved translation for the Polish language


  • Fix for centering the map better when it loads
  • Fixed a problem where the 3D map could not be rotated/zoomed


  • Added the ability to specify the time in seconds between paginations
  • Correction for time format for some languages


  • Feature to set sync time into the future
  • A new feature to link directly to a room or a desk. This makes it possible to create a QR code directly to a room/desk


  • Added the possibility to search visitor logs for visitor name, email, mobile number, organization, car reg. nr.
  • Added a visitor admin that can manage only visitor screens it has access to depending on which structure it has been assigned to
  • Added a location filter to be able to filter out visitor screens, checked in &, checked out users based on location of the screen.
  • Added a time zone setting per visitor screen for enterprise customers in which has visitor screens in different timezones (affects checked-in/checked-out timestamps for better usability)
  • Added a checked in &, checked out tab to make it easier to handle visitors
  • Added option to include guest wifi and password on the visitor badge
  • Better handling of phone numbers using different formats
  • New feature to export currently checked in or checked out visitors to a CSV-file
  • New feature to import phone number from LDAP
  • New feature to include mobile nr (phone number) in user import CSV
  • Users can be read from M365 or Exchange groups
  • Humly Print Service - Added info about version number
  • Humly Print Service - Added info about which Humly Control Panel it's connected to


Known issues

  • To connect Liso devices to HCP, registration period should be enabled even if the pairing key configured
  • Liso devices with 2.5 firmware can not be connected to HCP using FQDN, but only IP address, 2.5.1 devices and above should connect fine


  • Here you will find the latest Humly Software downloads