Release notes - 1.20

Humly Control Panel

  • Improvement to the Appspace mode so a user does not accidentally enter it
  • Fixed an edge case where the screen could go black in Appspace mode
  • Fix for flickering screen when first connecting a HRD and the network is slow

Humly Room Display

  • Fixed a problem with resolving equipment did not show on the screen in all situations


  • Booking a desk should not block the organizer calendar


  • Allow the visitor manager to manually create/edit a visitor
  • Better logging to see that printing, SMS, checkin/out is working properly
  • The print server shows more clearly when it is connected


Known issues

  • To connect Liso devices to HCP, registration period should be enabled even if the pairing key configured
  • Liso devices with 2.5 firmware can not be connected to HCP using FQDN, but only IP address, 2.5.1 devices and above should connect fine


  • Here you will find the latest Humly Software downloads