Release notes - 1.21

Humly suite - 7th of June 2023

Humly Booking Device

  • Introducing: Use the HBD as a room booker.
  • Make the HBD go back from the booking screen if no input for a long time.
  • Android app used to provision the Humly Booking Device is live on Google Play.
  • Support for 21 languages.
  • Choose orientation in Demo mode.
  • Sleep and Wakeup support added.
  • Aligned booking behaviour between HBD and HRD.
  • Support 2-row error message and 2-row description.
  • Fix for: status icons not horizontally aligned.

Humly Control Panel

  • Fix for: updating Office 365 booking system credentials and reauthenticating to Office 365 when using HCP with proxy enabled. 
  • Several pages will load faster when not waiting for some resources.
  • Improved logging in the web browser.
  • Improved support for desks and rooms on the monitoring page.
  • Improved device status count on Monitoring page.
  • UI improvements when saving the pairing key and other settings.
  • Support for desks on statistics page
  • Improved settings for rooms, desks and the supported devices.

Humly Room Display

  • Improvement to WiFi in mesh/mixed mode WiFi.
  • General HCP-connectivity improvement.
  • Fix for: long fqdn server name on admin page


  • Fix for: sorting available rooms based on size.


  •  Allow uploading of a QR-code for WiFi, e-mail, etc.


  • Feature to copy email address of checked in and checked out visitors.
  • Fix for: typeahead not working as expected when searching in M365/Exchange group.
  • Improvements on update, notify host and checkbox logic.
  • Increase the max allowed characters for M365 group field.

Known issues

  • To connect Liso devices to HCP, registration period should be enabled even if the pairing key configured.
  • Liso devices with 2.5 firmware can not be connected to HCP using FQDN, but only IP address, 2.5.1 devices and above should connect fine.


  • Here you will find the latest Humly Software downloads