Release notes - 1.22

Humly suite - 7th of Aug. 2023

Humly Booking Device

  • Added: Support for check-in.
  • Added: Wakeup-on-touch.
  • Added: Sleep-mode.

Humly Control Panel

  • Added: Support for resources without connected backend.
  • Fix for: log issue when resource where inactived. 
  • Fix for: HBD firmware deleted after HCP upgrade-
  • Fix for: Audit info not visible for Room settings.
  • Fix for: regex issue when importing resources with really long names.
  • Improvement: Disk space utilization improvements.
  • Improvement: Users page loading performance.
  • Dropped support for: IBM Domino.

Humly Room Display

  • Added: Support for Welsh and Hebrew languages


  • Added: Local admins can manage local Wayfindings.
  • Added: support for Dutch and Welsh language
  • Fix for: QR code misaligned.
  • Improvement: Default tab.


  • Added: support for Dutch and Welsh language
  • Fix for: Allow uploading of a QR-code for WiFi, e-mail, etc.


  • Added: support for Dutch and Welsh language
  • Generic improvements and alignments between resource types.

Known issues

  • To connect Liso devices to HCP, registration period should be enabled even if the pairing key configured.
  • Liso devices with 2.5 firmware can not be connected to HCP using FQDN, but only IP address, 2.5.1 devices and above should connect fine.


  • Here you will find the latest Humly Software downloads