Release notes - 1.23

Humly suite - 18th of September 2023.

Humly Booking Device

Humly Control Panel

  • Improved: Daily backup's of Humly Cloud instances.
  • Improved: Syncronization with Nexudus.
  • Improved: Password policys.
  • Security: New rate limiters introduced for certain methods.
  • Improved: Various improvments and bugfixes to HCP Web UI.
  • Improved: API Examples updated at our public GitHub.
  • Improved: Meeting sorting when checking resource details.

Humly Room Display

  • Improved: Syncronization with Nexudus.
  • Improved: WiFi connectivity.

Humly Reservations

  • Improved: Show number of available desks.

Humly Visitor

  • Improved: Various improvments and bugfixes to Visitor Web UI.
  • Added: Removal of old checked in guests after selected period (new configuration).
  • Added: Give end user freedom if they want to notify host and method for notification.
  • Added: Support check-in confirmation for customers with no reception.

Floor Plan

  • Improved: Editor Improvements.
  • Added: Yellow status color during check-in period.

Known issues

  • To connect Liso devices to HCP, registration period should be enabled even if the pairing key configured.
  • Liso devices with 2.5 firmware can not be connected to HCP using FQDN, but only IP address, 2.5.1 devices and above should connect fine.


  • Here you will find the latest Humly Software downloads


1.23.1 (2023-09-27) - Patch notes 

Humly Control Panel

  • Performance improvements to the "Find another room" feature.

Humly Reservations

  • Correction for that the organizer could be set to the room in some situations.