Release notes - 1.24

Humly suite - 30th of October 2023.

Humly Booking Device

  • Improved: Demo Mode
  • Improved: Provisioning
  • Improved: Screen stability
  • Improved: Device information

Humly Control Panel

  • Updated framework and applied security fixes
  • Improved: UI and alignments
  • Improved: Timezone added to statistics export
  • Improved: Appointment Item Busy Status property for Organizer
  • Improved: Monitoring filters
  • Improved: Changing account for Nexudus backend
  • Improved: Linux installer 

Humly Room Display
  • Improved: Several smaller improvements to different languages

Humly Wayfinding

  • Improvement:  Added translations added for some terms 

Humly Floorplan

  • Improved: All day meeting not possible - fixed

Humly Reservations

  • Improved: Show the number of available desks
  • Improved: Organizer sometimes missing - fixed

Humly Visitor

  • Improved: Duplicated content on the vistor screen - fixed
  • Improved: Email notification not always sent - fixed
  • Improved: Print badge in Landscape - fixed
  • Improved: Search employee - fixed



  • Here you will find the latest Humly Software downloads