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Booking System Preparation - Appspace

This article will cover the steps needed to create an API application to enable Humly control panel to be used with Appspace backend

An application with an API token should be prepared to set up the Humly control panel with Appspace. To configure the API integration, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Appspace dashboard and log in with an account that has permission to create the integration, expand the left-side action menu, then select Integrations
  2. Select the API Tokens tab, and click Add
  3. Give the Client/Application a name and description, then select a user that will be assigned with the refresh tokens and click create.

  4. The application is created now, open the application to see the details, take a note of the Subject Id and the Refresh Token, those will be needed during HCP setup.

You are now ready to connect Humly control panel with Appspace