The check-in function is a way to enhance meeting room utilization by making the rooms available if no one shows up for the booking. Check-in is supported on both our hardware's, Humly Room Display and Humly Booking Device.

This function can be enabled and customized from the Humly Control Panel, if enabled, a check-in button will appear 10 minutes before the meeting is about to start. The check-in button will remain on the screen in 5 to 30 minutes after the meeting's original start, depending on the settings in Humly Control Panel.
In version 1.7 Touchless Check-In was released. If Touchless Check-In is enabled you will be able to check-in to a meeting on the Humly Room Display without touching the display. When the Check-In period starts you only need to swipe your RFID-card on the display and you will have checked-in to the meeting. You can read more about how to use RFID with Humly here.

If no check-in has been made on the screen during the check-in time, the meeting will end and the meeting room will be available for others to use.

Good information to know for Google Workspace customers. PIN, RFID or check-in problem with Google Workspace as backend

Check-in is not supported with Nexudus.