Humly Licenses unlocks additional functionalities in Humly Control Panel. 

Currently, licenses exists for:

  • Humly Floor plan
  • Humly Visitor
  • Humly Desk Booking
  • Humly Wayfinding
  • Resource license
  • URL Signage Mode (Humly Room Display)


How to request or apply for a license

Please contact your reseller and they will request or apply for a license. If you use Humly Control Panel on-premise it is important that you also attach the Humly server/Cloud ID which you will find under Licenses tab. 



How to add a license to Humly control panel

  1. Open the setting page by clicking on the cogwheel 
  2. Select the Licenses tab and click on add license
  3. Add license file fly-in will appear, click on browse and select the license file you have received, it should be .lic file.

  4. A summary of the added license should appear, verify the information and click on apply new license