Configuring Proxy on Humly Room Display

This document will guide you through the configuration of the proxy on the Humly Room Display

We recommend that Humly Control Panel and Humly Room Display are on the same version and up to date.

The Proxy on HRD is supported on version and above; older firmware versions will not work, and the devices should be upgraded to enable proxy support.

Configuration Steps:

  1. Ensure the device is up to date; if the device has a version that is older than, then a firmware upgrade is a prerequisite for the proxy to work.
  2. The Firmware can be upgraded using a USB drive or via the internet; for upgrading using the USB, please check this link: Upgrade HRD Firmware Using USB Drive. To upgrade the device from the internet, power up the device, make sure the device has internet access, then click on the Update via Internet from the configuration screen 
  3. Access the Configure Network menu and select proxy from the left
  4. Fill in the proxy details and click apply; please note that the device needs to reboot for the proxy settings to be applied properly.
  5. After the device reboots, click continue and select the installation mode as per your setup.
    Installation Mode

More details on connecting Humly Room Display to HCP can be found here. Connect Humly Room Display to HCP.

If you plan to use the device in Appspace Mode, more details about the process can be found here. Running Humly devices with AppSpace